Purchase Order Financing / Trade Finance

If you have orders in hand that need to be filled, but you are short on covering costs, PTSi’s Purchase Order Financing Program is the solution for you. Our PO Program is available for companies needing to acquire goods for sale, perform a service, or finalize production and delivery of a PO.  Funding amounts are determined by your needs and the profit margin under an approved PO.

How it Works

  • Step One
  • Step Two
  • Step Three
  • Done!

PTSi lends your company money to purchase or produce products to be sold under existing purchase orders issued by credit worthy customers. PTSi’s PO Financing program can cover up to 100% of the cost.

How it Benefits You

1You can take on larger orders and sell more aggressively with greater confidence.

2Increase revenue without having to give up equity in your company.

3With sufficient margin, you won’t have to tie up existing capital.

4Quick, flexible funding.

Industries Served

Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, Oil & Gas, Apparel, Government, Information Technology

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